Meet Ashley

Hey Y'all!! My name is Ashley, a 20-something year old teacher in Georgia who has recently discovered just how creative my little brain works. I have always had some big (sometimes crazy) ideas but never wanted to act on them...UNTIL NOW! I have fully blossomed into this extra sassy but creative person better known as Ms. Manning. I love that I am finally opening myself up to share all of my ideas with you. Are you excited...I know I am!!! I have completed all of my years teaching in a Title 1 classroom and was voted Teacher of the Year at my school the first year I was eligible to win. When I am not working you can find in somebody's gym, somebody's store, or reading a good book. I am not yet married nor am I a mother but I do have two sweet little dogs named Charlie and Chester who keep me plenty of company. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I hope you ENJOY!!!

xoxo Ashley

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