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Welcome to Room 204! #room204learningmore

Every year I have a classroom theme. Last year I changed from a Sports theme to a BRIGHT theme. We were One BRIGHT Bunch. One BRIGHT as in-busy working, rigor learning, information seeking, goal crushing, high achieving, tackling tasks bunch. This year I decided to keep the bright colors but transformed a bit into a motivational room. I knew I knew I was going to have a couple of low students in my class this year so I wanted to post encouraging messages/daily reminders around my classroom. My kids and I love it! 
As you can see I have zero chairs in my classroom. Last year I also transformed my room into 21st century classroom. I ditched my chairs, textbooks, and worksheets and incorporated flexible seating, more technology, less paper, and student-led lessons with a lot of collaborative conversations. It changed me as whole. I learned myself as an individual as well as a teacher last year. This year I've decided to take it a step further and go completely paperless. The only paper you will see in my classroom is scratch paper and/construction paper. We are on the move in room 204. Watch us grow!

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